Fallout 76’s Colossal Problem patch lives up to its name as the communuty melts down over massive building bugs

So... yeah.

So yesterday’s Fallout 76 patch did… not go to plan. Bethsoft added the foundation for A Colossal Problem to the game, and that’s not a euphemism, mind you; that’s actually what it’s called, though the playable part was pulled before it went live. In any case, the patch has been a colossal problem indeed since it hit the servers yesterday, with missing content and piles and piles of bugs and broken tools.

One Fallout 76 Reddit thread with 4300+ upvotes and 600 comments as I type this spells out some of the endless problems.

“You can replace walls but only with different styles of walls, not types. So wood doorway for a brick doorway but not doorway to solid or window. Basically stripping away one of the major creative tools builders have. Back to boring boxes for everyone… Edit: Forgot to mention… same goes with roof tiles. So if you enjoy the floating roof tile trick where if you changed it to an angle roof, youโ€™d be able to delete the wall under, yeah bye bye. Thatโ€™s gone too. 2nd edit: Double walls still possible but it involves two half walls on each side and the flamethrower trick. Break both and place next set of double half walls facing opposite direction. 3rd edit: full brick walls can be flamethrower trapped and doubled…”

That’s far from the only thread spitting with outrage from the community; there are many others agitating for a reversal of the wall change, calling the patch embarrassing, and cancelling subs. You know it’s real bad when people who knowingly paid for Fallout First are quitting.

Source: Reddit. Cheers, Anon.

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Why would you describe these as “building bugs”? They were glitches that were patched out.

Building floating bases and glitched double-sided walls etc. was never intended functionality. Fixing glitches is now called bugs?

David Goodman

This is largely why I never built any of my bases that required using a glitch (with the exception of the rug glitch to put chairs closer to desks and tables).

Not being able to switch walls-to-windows/doors will be annoying but I can work around it. Most people used that to glitch wires through walls. I used it to build a sealed-in power / server closet for my wiring.

Double walls I didn’t use because i didn’t want it to be a thing that breaks when they fixed it. I get WHY people use it though – being able to wallpaper both sides of a wall is something that should have been in the game from the start, but that we’re probably going to get sold back to us for premium currency. Even though I didn’t use it, i’m a bit annoyed.

However, I like how my house looks (and it’s not a ‘boring box’ at all, I think that’s just a lack of imagination talking), and that’s not affected by any of the changes.

I also don’t pay for Fallout First though so my investment, and thus frustration, is minimal.

Frankie Lee

Every game session, I run into bugs period. Anyone who states the otherwise is trying to provide shade to a game that’s INFESTED with them. Revive bug, fast travel but, perk cards not working, rubberbanding enemies, frozen enemies, magic weapons, etc etc. But double walls are fixed. Good show Bethesda.


Except that…my friends and I have played steadily the past two evenings without experiencing any new bugs to speak of.

Then again, none of us hack, glitch or exploit the game mechanics, our mother’s raised us better than that apparently.

The camp glitchers get what they deserve, good riddance.

Bruno Brito

Aaaaaand there it is.

Loyal Patron

No sympathy at this point for people who are still playing the game but bitching about it. This is just what you should expect from every piece of evidence you have ever gotten in two years. And Beth knows you won’t stop playing, so why should it bother ever releasing anything that works?

If you are still playing for the janky amusement but not bitching about the patch like any of this is a surprise, then this does not apply to you – I know about guilty pleasures, please enjoy your glitchy cheese.

Elizabeth Sawyer

Waahhh ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

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Tobasco da Gama

Oh, the irony of pissing people off by fixing a bug.

(The thing everyone is mad about is a glitch building technique that let people ignore clipping rules on wires by scrapping a door and replacing it with a wall.)


Fallout 76 really is one of those “guilty pleasure” type games where you know that the game can be janky as hell, you know that Bethesda is likely to fudge something up with new updates, and you know there’s a low chance that it’ll ever hit a point where there isn’t something wrong with it. But somehow it can still be a fun time and feel pretty great (at least in spurts).

Sadly this isn’t very surprising and it was bound to happen after Wastelanders had a lot of effort put into testing ahead of time and this patch probably wasn’t on a PTS.

Danny Smith

Massive bugs in a Bethesda release! But thats unpossible!