Past Fate shows where players go when they die as crowdfunding continues to crawl forward


Over the past few weeks we’ve been following along with Past Fate, the sandbox MMORPG that is having another go at getting crowdfunded. This week, the devs are talking about death. Or, more specifically, what happens to players when their characters die.

Dead players are transported to the Underworld zone, an area where players can apparently interact with other fallen characters, join in on a feast with them, and even discover treasures, dungeons, quests, and world bosses. Players can even choose to level up while in the Underworld, though being slain in this zone incurs a stat debuff that stacks until the character leaves the zone. Once players have had their fill feasting and exploring (or if they’ve been weakened into a fine, squishy blob), they can speak to a Valkyrie to bring them back to the land of the living. An early version of this zone should be in the game’s open alpha build.

As for Past Fate’s Kickstarter fortunes, things continue to look rather grim; funding still sits currently at just over $4,000 of its $25K goal with only 12 days left to go in the campaign. Barring some sort of miraculous wallet slapping, it would seem that this one’s second attempt will play out like its first.

source: Kickstarter
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