Fallout 76 dials back the amount of concrete needed in the ATLAS fortification community goal


Could the Fallout 76 community have gotten 150 million units of in-game concrete to ATLAS? Probably not, so it’s a good job that Bethesda has tuned down the requirement, which now sits at a sizeable but much more manageable 15 million units.

The search for concrete has been the second step in the community goal to build a Brotherhood of Steel location in the game, which has been running between August 8th up to now. Players had successfully raked in enough steel to get a Brotherhood of Steel beret, and now they’re about 3 million away from a banner C.A.M.P. item.

The next required material will be cork, which will unlock a double dailies weekend if the required amount is met. Currently, the amount of needed cork is still listed as 200M units, but it should be noted that the linked page didn’t update the totals for concrete either, so it’s likely that fans will want to keep eyes on the events page for the actual required number. Or, you could completely ignore all of this hullabaloo, as one Redditor put it: “I’m here to play, explore and have fun, not be a backer to a kickstarter.”

source: official site (1, 2, 3) via Reddit, cheers Anon!

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Probably one of the more ill thought out content additions in recent years, must have let the summer interns design and run it.

This event has been underwhelming & demotivating, and sets back some of their better works released earlier this year.

Combined with the botched Colassal problem event, failure to deliver the deep pocketed SS arms, and their unawareness of the cross impacts their duping fix would have on the building community just proves Bethesda can’t go very many steps forward without falling back one as well.

Dug From The Earth

its almost as if they dont have demographics and data showing the average amount of materials players gather….

Oh bethesda….

TJ French

200k or 200m?

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200m. The 125mil steel was the first target, and the only one that makes any lick of sense. Whoever came up with these targets only have a basic grasp of the game.
Also: if you’re doing one of these events in a game, you’d want to have the rewards be relevant for vets and no-lifers and while the rewards are decent for newcomers they offer nothing but a busy inventory to clean up for anyone lvl 100+