Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.3, Reflections in Crystal, is live today


It’s been a long wait for players (two months more than expected, even), but the latest Final Fantasy XIV patch is finally live today. You know we’ve talked about it a lot lately, of course, but there are even the real no-fooling full patch notes out now. Assuming, of course, that you’re not already in the game and exploring the new content for yourself. Then you’d already know it.

The centerpiece of the patch is naturally the continuation of the game’s main story, wrapping up the main action on the First (allegedly) and bringing with it a new dungeon and a new trial. Players also have a new alliance raid in the Puppet’s Bunker, new Dwarf tribe quests, a new custom delivery NPC, and flight added to the original game zones at long last. Check out the full patch notes if you’re stuck away from the game at the moment, or hop in and start wrapping up some storylines.

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