Final Fantasy XIV posts complete 5.3 patch notes as players discuss a potential GM banning overreach


If you’re a regular follower of how Final Fantasy XIV does its patch notes, then you likely know the drill by now: First it’s the preliminary patch notes, and then it’s the full notes, the latter of which have been shared online. This set of notes offers a bit more insight into a few of the upcoming changes that weren’t already covered before, including some adjustments to the Warrior and some major tweaks to the Astrologian.

In other FFXIV news, members of the MMORPG subreddit are pondering the decision to suspend a streamer’s account for vulgar comments made on Twitch. The related section of the game’s ToS regarding “generally offensive content of any kind” is a bit vague (with exception to racism, sexism, and homophobia), and even fans on FFXIV’s subreddit are crying foul.

One of the more reasoned replies on the /r/MMORPG thread comes from a Redditor who claims to have worked as a mod and customer service rep for several MMOs, explaining that the reasoning for the ban not being discussed in chat is usually due to a follow-up email that has further details, but the question of when GMs can apply bans to accounts and on what platforms they’re allowed to do so remains a discussion point. And considering FFXIV is down for 24-hour maintenance, there’s nothing but time for discussion. And “discussion.”

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