Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update brings summer fun, Los Santos style

In the summer, in the city.

When you think of summer fun, do you think of armed felonies? It’s kind of a thing in Grand Theft Auto Online, you know, and the new summer update is specifically the Los Santos Summer Special. That does mean players can take on new content, like new open-wheel races complete with a race track creator… which goes well with the 15 new vehicles players can hit the streets in, including the aforementioned open-wheel racers to burn up the track.

But that isn’t illegal! No, what’s illegal is stuff like new business battles, new co-op missions, and the new Diamond Adversary Series. Or just stealing those aforementioned new vehicles, if you’d prefer. You can catch up on all of the additions and fixes on the official site, or if you’d prefer, you can just luxuriate in the summer vibes of the trailer for the update. We can only hope the next update is also seasonal. Maybe the “Fall o’ Felonies” or “Arson-starting Autumn.”


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