Warframe moves Orokin Derelicts and shares details of a ‘frame-eating mouth ahead of Heart of Deimos

Feed me, Tenno. Feed me all night long.


As the Heart of Deimos update to Warframe slowly makes its way to the game, a recent update on PC has done a fair bit of foundation laying in what’s being called the Derelict Shift update.

This update, as its name implies, has shifted Orokin Derelict Nodes, moving them in orbit around Mars. Furthermore, accessing these Nodes will no longer require a key or nav coordinates; keys in player inventories or in development progress have been removed and their resources refunded, while coordinates can be sold for Credits. As for the Derelicts, they’ll remain where they are until Heart of Deimos launches, in which case they’ll be replaced with Deimos along with the Cambion Drift and Necralisk.

In addition, the update has added new end-of-mission and mission progress screens, made adjustments to the Steel Path, changed some abilities, and more recently has added the next Glassmaker episode.

The update has also granted players with a Helminth Cyst access to an updated Helminth Infirmary on their Orbiter to look at what’s effectively Warframe Audrey II. Previously, this area was a place where players could remove the Helminth Cyst if they wanted, but in the near future the Helminth will be able to be fed resources to grant secretions, opening up some ability customization. In addition, feeding the Helminth whole ‘frames will grant one permanent ability. Using the system also will rank it up to the point where a maximum rank Helminth can eat nearly every ‘frame in the game except for Primes.

Players must be rank 15 before they can even start feeding this thing and using its secretions, which doesn’t sound like a great motivator for leveling up to me, but Warframe players are a whole ‘nother level. For those players, the workshop post has all the granular details, including what abilities are granted from each nommed ‘frame. And for more Heart of Deimos things and everything else that was revealed at this year’s TennoCon, be sure to check out our full coverage.

sources: official forums (1, 2), Twitter, thanks to Sophiskiai for the tip!
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