Chronicles of Elyria fans have filed the pre-litigation paperwork necessary to sue Soulbound Studios

This turned out super great here, guys.

If you were one of the people who really believed in the goals that Chronicles of Elyria’s development team advocated and were hopeful to see the game actually launch, we’re sorry for your loss, but we’re happy to say that legal action for restitution is moving forward according to the Discord channel tracking the litigation. If you’re instead part of the group that never saw this going anywhere and now just enjoy watching the legal farce unfold around the game, you’ll just be blithely amused at reading through the official pre-litigation letters that have been filed with the court to both Soulbound Studios and Xsolla. The letters include the following banger of a line:

Soulbound used unlawful, unfair and fraudulent practices by inducing customers to purchase a video game that at some point, Soulbound ceased having intentions, means, and resources to develop. Nevertheless, Soulbound misrepresented the status of its development by showcasing cinematics intended to appear as gameplay footage, to boost the confidence of its community of consumers and make it appear as if development was actually happening. It further mislead its consumers by indicating that development was being suspended, then rescinding its suspension, all while continuing to induce sales while ceasing operations and laying off all employees.

While this isn’t our legal column, the short version is that this letter serves as demonstrating intent and gives one or both companies a chance to respond to the initial filing in some fashion. Failure to do so will result in the lawsuit kicking off, which based on the 30-day timer will put that filing in September. In short, the game has been brought a storm of lawsuit filings.


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An example really needs to be set, unfortunately i feel all this is going to do is stop anyone from ever claiming it’s over and simply remain in “development” forever.

CR, “working on it”, as he’s sipping coolers on his private island.


They should of renamed this project We Build the Elyria


Past the edit window, but I meant to add: I didn’t back this project, though I considered it. I thought there was a good chance their goals were too ambitious, but I’m willing to throw a few bucks (but just a few…) in the direction of a cool idea to see if it materializes.

The main reason I didn’t was that the developers seemed to be aiming the game at whales rather than regular players. Titles, land, authority, conveniences – all available for real money long before the game even launched. Everything seemed to be up for sale, and that majorly turned me off. It was not entirely clear to me how the game was supposed to be fun if you weren’t pouring huge amounts of cash into it and others were, and I have neither the budget nor the interest to do that.

I do spend real money on games; I’m happy to buy a cool outfit/mount skin/decoration to make my character or their stuff look nice and support the game in the process.

I’m not cool with a game being divided into haves and have-nots where important things are all for sale, though. With Elyria, everything there was to achieve seemed like it was already in place through cash purchases.

That was such a turnoff that I decided to wait and see if it was any fun for non-whales when it came out, rather than backing it. Turned out to be a good decision for a totally different reason.


I have never thought the original Kickstarter was fraud. Wildly unrealistic, yes. Promising way more than could deliver, absolutely. I don’t think they were intending to deceive, though – I think the team was just incredibly unbalanced with too many idea people who assumed everything would fall into place, and not enough actual doers to tell them how impractical their grandiose plans were.

That said, I think things got a whole lot more shady toward the end. They have to have realized by the time of the final land sale that their situation was precarious and the game was at risk of not happening at all, but they went after money from customers like nothing was wrong.

To me, that later part is not okay. It’s one thing to have a pie in the sky idea and let people decide if it’s worth backing; it might not be a wise investment, but that’s really at the buyer’s discretion. It’s quite another to lie by omission knowing that your project is likely about to fail, to try to wring more dollars out of people.

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I think in this case, the best outcome win or lose will be those individuals who’s at fault here, being called out and never working in the gaming industry again and a message to those who ever try to so willfully deceive players again. I think many KS’s do start off with an eye toward bringing something wonderful to life that has been in many a gamer’s imagination when they play something and think, wouldn’t it be cool to do ______? CoE could have started out with this intention, but seems like it lacked real direction and had no real professional leadership and decided to try and constantly milk players after it got a taste from it’s initial KS success.


I’m still amazed theres suckers in 2020 falling for the scammers on Kickstarter. World truly is full of suckers and scammers.


PT Barnum’s words are still echoing through time.


I’m interested in knowing how much money the founders and original team members each made off the games funding. Where did the money go? How much did each team member get? Ect.

If they can show where the money went and how much each person got, ect. I might be more ok with the situation. But as far as I know the original small team they each could have got 100k+ from it and decided to walk away with money in there pocket vs funding the game itself.

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Java Jawa

I didn’t back it as the ambitions were far too lofty short of a AAA+++ studio.

I do hope they win the lawsuit as this should really be a case study in to take this seriously.

It’s a commitment in both sides.


“…If you’re instead part of the group that never saw this (game) going anywhere…”

That would be me.