Chronicles of Elyria fans have filed the pre-litigation paperwork necessary to sue Soulbound Studios

This turned out super great here, guys.

If you were one of the people who really believed in the goals that Chronicles of Elyria’s development team advocated and were hopeful to see the game actually launch, we’re sorry for your loss, but we’re happy to say that legal action for restitution is moving forward according to the Discord channel tracking the litigation. If you’re instead part of the group that never saw this going anywhere and now just enjoy watching the legal farce unfold around the game, you’ll just be blithely amused at reading through the official pre-litigation letters that have been filed with the court to both Soulbound Studios and Xsolla. The letters include the following banger of a line:

Soulbound used unlawful, unfair and fraudulent practices by inducing customers to purchase a video game that at some point, Soulbound ceased having intentions, means, and resources to develop. Nevertheless, Soulbound misrepresented the status of its development by showcasing cinematics intended to appear as gameplay footage, to boost the confidence of its community of consumers and make it appear as if development was actually happening. It further mislead its consumers by indicating that development was being suspended, then rescinding its suspension, all while continuing to induce sales while ceasing operations and laying off all employees.

While this isn’t our legal column, the short version is that this letter serves as demonstrating intent and gives one or both companies a chance to respond to the initial filing in some fashion. Failure to do so will result in the lawsuit kicking off, which based on the 30-day timer will put that filing in September. In short, the game has been brought a storm of lawsuit filings.

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