Elder Scrolls Online previews the scripted pathing housing tool launching next week

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Elder Scrolls Online’s Stonethorn DLC is just a week away from its PC launch now, but if you’re not enthused about the pair of dungeons it’s bringing, you should at least be welcoming its ride-along free update and the brilliant new content it’s launching in Tamriel – most importantly, the scripted character pathing inside player housing. The new system will allow you to plot out paths for assistants, mounts, and pets using up 30 nodes planted basically the same as way as other furniture.

“For each individual character (each assistant, mount, or pet in your home), you can place up to 30 of these nodes anywhere you like in your house, and once you’ve confirmed the path, they’ll walk to each one automatically. You can even add wait times for them to pause at each node, from three seconds to three minutes, and you can also choose how fast they approach them, from a leisurely walk to a fast sprint. When a character reaches the end of the path, they’ll turn around and walk back through in reverse, but you can also choose for the path to form a loop, or even have them walk between nodes chosen at random. Easy!”

ZeniMax does note with some amusement that the system will allow you to get really creative, including having your pets walk through walls and up in the air should you so choose. “With this new tool, you can make Tythis Andromo scurry between your storage coffers, have your Abecean Ratter Cat stalk your Jackdaw Daedrat, or finally create that Guar free-range zoo you’ve always wanted,” the studio says.

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