TERA’s console version gets a new (old) publisher

TERA’s console version gets a new (old) publisher

Just because En Masse Entertainment is out of the picture doesn’t mean that TERA’s going anywhere. In fact, plans are moving forward to transfer the console edition to a new publisher — which is, in reality, an old friend.

TERA Console’s Publisher for North America, Europe and Japan will be KRAFTON Bluehole Studio,” the team announced, going on to promise that a FAQ about the transfer will be coming soon. A promised content update is coming later this month as well.

No details have been given yet about what is happening with the PC edition, as that announcement is coming at a later date.

TERA console players will need to take action this month to make sure that they keep their accounts and characters alive: “Very important! On Sept 15, we will ask you for consent for the service transfer. If you agree to the service transfer, your game data will be transferred automatically on the service transfer date. If you do not agree, your data will not be migrated. Make sure to accept!”

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