Heroes of the Storm adds a new Nexus Anomaly and a StarCraft vs. Warcraft event


You know, it’s been some time since we’ve had some patch notes news to write about for Heroes of the Storm, so consider this a happy (if rare) occasion where we look at some fresh new updates applied to the MOBA today.

First off is the CraftWars event which melds certain heroes from StarCraft and Warcraft together into a single new hero, like Gazlowe piloting an SCV, Anduin Wrynn and Valerian Mengsk merging in to one, or Artanis turning into a Dranei. As one would expect, this event features some pretty unique skins while the event itself promises “the wildest matchup the Nexus has ever seen.”

The update has also added a new Nexus Anomaly focused on a new ability known as the Gladiator’s Medallion, which lets characters become Unstoppable for one second but has a five minute-long cooldown. Almost all heroes will get this new ability while playing in this mode, with the exception of Deathwing and Gall.

There’s much more in this update like the addition of an ARAM (All Random All Mid) mode that replaces Brawl, some reworks to D.Va and Gazlowe, the return of several seasonal items to the Collection, and changes to quest win requirements for Storm League Season 4 among other things. All of it is detailed in the patch notes.

source: official site (1, 2)

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Bruno Brito

Gazlowe rework was weird and i have mixed feelings about it.


Seems like they moved away from a focus more on turrets and tuned him more toward being a multi-functional melee assassin or bruiser.

Bruno Brito

Yes. I’m not sure how i feel.

I think it’s time i let go of this. It’s clear that Blizzard is “happy” with HoTS design and is now reworking heroes to fit into it. I honestly wanted them to keep the specialist role, and actively add features to the game that would agregate the role better.

And honestly, this game would be waaaaaay better without xp sharing. Items are optional, but XP, i’ll die on that hill.

I feel the new Gazlowe to be clunkier, which is weird because he was really clunky before and lacked synergy. Now he’s a better hero with a more direct role, but he still feels clunky when paired towards better heroes. He’s no Malthael, for sure.