WRUP: Cat control guide edition


WASD: Move

Mouse: Move camera

Shift: Move slowly

Ctrl: Move quickly

Space Bar: Jump

Left Click: Cry like an idiot

Right Click: Swat

F1: Summon Drone

Number keys 1-0: Suggest actions to drone

F2-F10: Command drone to act in a way that is not optional but reduces your affection level with drone

F11: Direct workflow of drone

F12: Cry like a bigger idiot

Home/End: Yaw

Page Up/Page Down: Orient satellite

Enter: Refuse call to adventure

Slapping palm down on home row: Tell the call to adventure you’ll think about it.

Arrow keys: Answer What Are You Playing

R: Activate Multi-Thruster Mode

G: Cast equipped spell

H: Muse aloud why you have no equipped spell and where you can get one.

Backspace: Not used

Bonus question: What colors of clothing do you wear most often?

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I’m grinding more coal in World of Warships, getting dangerously close to being able to buy another premium battleship: The Tier 9 USS Georgia. I’ve also been playing through the story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, and might try to pop into the online mode now that Rockstar has fixed the flickering screen issue that’s been present since July.

Colors? Anything boring and bland. Greys, blacks, navy blue. Picture a dad, and then….that’s it, just picture a dad.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Definitely gonna be doing some Star Wars Galaxies Legends this weekend. Not sure what else just yet. Something’s gonna catch me sooner or later. I’m also gonna pull out Halloween decorations. Too soon? Don’t care, doing it anyway!

I’ve been trying to play to the colors that actually look good on me more in the last few years, usually muted mauves, plums, olives, greys, navy, and even boring beige. But I love a good hot orchid pink, and I wear yellow even though I look weird in it because I love it and it makes me happy.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Continued character building, playing, demolishing, and repeating the prior three steps until I find a City of Heroes Homecoming character that sticks (which is a lot more fun than it sounds, but then I’m odd). I also want to dig back in to Citadel: Forged with Fire, play a bunch of Satisfactory, and dive into the Terra Escalation of Dauntless.

I haven’t really paid much attention to the colors I wear, if I’m honest, but I do tend to lean towards cooler colors like blues and purples. Mostly my clothing choices run no deeper than “This will make me not naked.”

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Aside from Final Fantasy XIV I don’t actually have much planned this weekend. It’s kind of wide open. Maybe spend some time dallying? Maybe just reading.

Most of my wardrobe tends toward cooler earth tones, with dark blues, darker greens, and gentle browns. Since green is unabashedly my favorite color, this probably does not come as any sort of major surprise.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I will be playing Rimworld a bit. I finally have a permadeath Naked Brutality game going well. (“Naked Brutality” is a scenario where you start with one naked colonist and nothing else.) I also have a backlog of MMORPGs to get into (and write about), so I will dive into that Saturday night. Otherwise, it will be all the usual domestic stuff, and maybe catching up on sleep.

I wear a lot of black and grey. I am branching out into wearing jeans and pink stuff lately, but black and grey are my go-to wardrobe choices.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I think I’ll be playing more Spellbreak. I’m still smashing through a bunch of metroidvania games too; I should be able to beat Hollow Knight this weekend. If I do I should be able to start up on some of the DLC too.

I usually wear green. I don’t particular like green, but when I look at my clothes hanging probably 40% are some shade of green. I don’t know why.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I have another tabletop playtest scheduled for Sunday (more to break the monotony of quarantine than anything, honestly), and I’m working on finishing the campaign in Iron Harvest 1920. I really enjoy the story in this game. The characters feel very fleshed out and often quite endearing.

Bonus question: I wear black and dark blue almost exclusively. I like keeping it simple.

Patron Pierre: I’m near the end of The Last of Us Part II, with only the conclusion to finish, so probably less than an hour and I’m done with it. This game is a curious mix: I really enjoyed playing it, even if it’s very dark, extremely violent, and not for everyone. I had to take some pauses at some very shocking and shaking moments. The game is split in two big parts; I don’t want to spoil but it’s an excellent structure for a game about revenge. It illustrates perfectly the quote from Confucius: “If you’re about to embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves, your enemy’s and yours.” Each part gives a different point of view on what happened in the game prologue, and having both protagonists’ points of view in a violent conflict is paramount, hence the perfect structure for the game.

However, I found the game disappointing at times because some parts are too long, with very repetitive combats that are not really contributing to the narrative, nor to set up the nerve-racking atmosphere. On the opposite, there are so many parts where Naughty Dog aced it that you can easily forget these flaws. I really enjoyed the voice over and acting,especially from Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, and as always, they give excellent performances but then arrives Laura Bailey and she’s… mind blowing to say the least: it’s the best voice over and acting performance I have ever seen and heard in a video game, hats off to Laura! I won’t say much more; I don’t want to spoil. I will conclude by saying that I can understand why the game is so controversial, but it’s an excellent game, a must-play.

When I’m finished with this game, I will play Death Stranding on PC. I started playing when it launched on PS4 and really liked the game, but never finished this very long title, and the PC version seems gorgeous. And on the MMO front, Final Fantasy XI is still occupying the rest of my free time.

Bonus question: I like to wear very bright and cheerful colors: red, pink, yellow, orange, green, and a mix of them. I probably was a rainbow in a former life xD.

And you MOP readers? WRUP this weekend? I always enjoy reading your comments here.

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Minecraft with my son:

It’s kyoto.apexmc.co if anyone cares to check it out.

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Eve Echoes has caught me a big way. Spending at least a couple hours in there each just in between daily things. Some bits are simplified compared to big EVE but still fun in the end.

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Heya, Massively folks!

I picked up a flu virus last week (just the flu, not covid), but in combination with my usual health quirks I’ve been living pretty much under the radar lately.

Not gaming much, not posting on Massively much — mostly sleeping a lot, and spacing out in that feverish way one does. :-)

I’ve got people looking out for me, so I’ll be fine eventually … just not quite yet.

Hard to focus on games, but I’ve been dabbling in things like City of Heroes: Homecoming (still a great game, design-wise, in my opinion, but the game graphics have not aged as well as I’d hoped).

I’ve also been playing the new Star Wars: DLC for The Sims 4. I enjoy it, but as with a lot of things that have been released for The Sims 4, I feel like the developers could have taken the content further.

It looks quite good, and there are some clever ideas, but a lot of the planet Batuu content is merely visual, environmental, and cosmetic — I wish more of the world was interactive.

I re-loaded Control on my PS4 recently, and I discovered that the game’s difficulty settings are actually located in a section of the game’s Settings menu (inexplicably?) named “Assist”.

Since I found Control‘s basic combat difficulty way too annoying — enemies tend to teleport in, without warning, behind you (often in multiples) and shoot.

By default, your character can only take about 3 or 4 hits before dying — so I was dying constantly, and then having to wait for the the “you died” loading screen to throw me back to the latest checkpoint

So, I turned up my character’s hit points and — much to my surprise — I found that, once the deadly combat was normalized, the game is actually pretty dull in terms of what’s left.

The levels are basically “go from point A to point B to do thing C”, and once you’re not getting ambushed to death and respawning every couple of minutes, there’s not a whole lot of game there.

I realize that others may have an entirely different experience of Control than mine, but for me, what I played of the game felt like a pale, shallow imitation of The Secret World which relied too heavily on its combat difficulty to give the game a sense of drama and purpose.

So, my friends, I would suggest only buying Control if you can get it at a price you consider “cheap”; that way, you won’t feel like you paid too much if you have the same problems with the game that I did.

Be safe, be well, and take care of yourselves and each other, please.

Here’s a pic of one of my Sims having a lightsaber practice duel with Rey in The Sims 4. Yes, that’s my purple R2 unit in the pic. :-) Why purple? Why not? :-)


Cyclone Jack
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Cyclone Jack

Been playing Crash of Exile, but it seems that we have another under-cooked league rushed out the door. I may check back in 6 weeks to see if they’ve fixed it up, but I’ll probably forget about the league by then. Oh well.

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After a few months of muddling about in all the various MMOs that I’ve played to death (if not completion), I’m finally taking my first steps into the Assassin’s Creed series via Odyssey. Looks like it’s set to hook me!


Off the side: Your name and avatar always soothes my nerves when viewing it for some reason. Hope that doesn’t weird you out. >.<

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I’ve been playing AC: Origins on and off (there’s a LOT of game there). It’s the one set in ancient Egypt. I was never much of an Assassin’s Creed fan before, but this one I like.

I’m looking forward to trying AC: Odyssey once I’m done with Origins.

Have fun!


Flight Simulator 2020 is a nice multiplayer experience. And it looks great!

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It does look great, Jon! Thank you for the pics!


Malcolm Swoboda

Woo, on time!
I’m going to trim some stuff down. New rule – if I haven’t played it in the last month, it doesn’t even count as ‘suspended’.

  • Wizards Unite – With the Dragon Week over, and me barely participating, there’s a new event themed on the battle in the Ministry Department of Mysteries. I guess I’m doing okay at it? For the record I am not happy at all with the devs of this game, Harry Potter, and anything to do with JK Rowling this past year, so I’m stuck on pure habit that the devs better shape up for as weather will start to get too cold to easily go outside.
  • Last Cloudia – Got the gist (not everything) of the rewards for the first Phase of the current ranking event, not counting challenge stages. Working on the second Phase that just released. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. Hope a generous anniversary event comes soon.
  • Tales of Crestoria – Grind. New story event though so I’m gonna do that, but unsure if I want its grind even for easy exclusive rewards.
  • Another Eden – I got the gacha character I’ve been trying months for!!!!!!!!!111 So now I can go ahead and do the story episode I’ve been putting off, as she was a highlight ‘bonus point’ character for its additional grind. Otherwise I’ve returned to playing a bit, advancing the main story a little and killin a boss. I love Another Eden.
  • Blade xLord (shutdown soon) – I’ve done a few story chapters but I have several more to do before the game shuts down. Hope my characters can even handle it, as I won’t exactly be tactical.
  • Remnant: From the Ashes – This has been frequent enough that it gets its own line item! My gaming group is growing from 2-3 to maybe 5, as I’ve pulled in another friend who’s beaten the campaign before, and one of my group has her husband pick it up fresh. My Discord channel is now a thing! Parties can only be 1-3 players but I doubt there will be all 5 at once, and if there is, we can split 2/2 and 3/2. I’ve progressed to the third world and I can tell each world pushes players more and more out of a ‘stand and shoot’ or ‘just smash stuff’ mentality.
  • Distancing Hangouts – N/A other than Remnant, Terraria wasn’t on this week.
  • Logins: Magia Record (shutdown soon), Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Villagers and Heroes, EVE Echoes
  • Suspended: WoW, The Division, SWTOR

Partner is still continuing Protoss SC Remastered campaign, but he’s pushing hard at FFX, now finishing Zanarkand.

newest music I’ve heard


recent fight i accidentally recorded (i hope the link works)

EDIT: Whoops I actually did a bit more. Checked out Neverwinter on Geforce NOW and leveled a bit. Kinda fun? Honestly half the reason I avoid it is because they insist on spamming my screen with lockbox results. Go away! It screams ‘unworthy’ to me.

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The lockbox spam in Neverwinter Online is probably my only real beef with the game.

In Star Trek Online (also by Cryptic), you can turn off the lockbox announcements, but no such setting exists in Neverwinter Online that I’ve been able to find, unfortunately.

Glad the gaming continues to be good at your place!


Bryan Turner

Played some ESO, waiting for the Live Stream to start (China can feel free to watch with me I guess; Maybe Chairman Poo Bear can get him self a Purple Glow Bug I guess.).


Colors? What are colors? I’ve locked myself in a sterile clinical-white safe room since all this insanity started and haven’t ventured out since! Is colors white? Sometimes I see not-white, but then I scrub it away and it disappears. Like it’s taunting me… One day I woke up, and I saw my hair wasn’t white, so I fixed that… I looked in the mirror, and I saw a crazy looking person covered in a bunch of not-white, so I fixed that too.

Can’t see me if I can’t see you.

Cut my finger, and I saw non-white coming out… Is colors inside me? I’ll need to fix that too…

And while I’m dealing with this shut-in driven insanity…? Well, I would say Dragon’s Dogma on Netflix… but… I wouldn’t recommend Dragon’s Dogma on Netflix. At all. Binged already, sure, but… Sometimes, I get it, your main character needs more motivation than having a dragon attack and threaten your home town and loved ones while stealing your heart and taunting you to follow…

So you decide to instead have the dragon visit the MC in a prophetic dream to murder their wife, have him wake up and find out his wife is pregnant, then have the dragon come in and murder the entire town, then personally kill her and their unborn child right in front of MC. And to hammer in that sometimes humans are the real monsters? You… just make them literal monsters without any shred of nuance.

It’s like the people making the Dragon’s Dogma adaption saw people memeing about how recent adaptions have to be gritty and full of nudity and schwings and took it seriously. People like that there ‘Goblin Slayer’ show? Well, we’ll make sure that our goblins are horny boys who rip women’s clothes rather than fight–while also missing the entire point behind ‘Goblin Slayer’. Oh, we have to deal with a Lich…? Uh… make him a Rich Lich Bish, and when all those humans see his gold they get greedy! Curse? No, people are just greedy and immediately turn on their bestest friends and loved ones to steal all the gold for themselves, no push needed. And I pray to god you aren’t a lady in this series, because if you are then you’re just fridge-bait, even monster ladies.

It’s 7 episodes long, they name each one after the Seven ‘Deadly’ (their emphasis, not mine) sins. And if it isn’t hitting you over the head enough, the generic Game of Thrones opening shows skeletons in the exact same order as the episodes and their related sins, with man being ‘OOOOOO I SO HULKY MAD!’ and Dragon being ‘OOO I so proud’. And the ending is a twist, sure… but one devoid of literally any impact. There’s literally only one decent character in the show, and the only reason they aren’t killed off is that they literally can’t die.

I am praying that Dragon’s Dogma 2 isn’t relying on this show being its savior and doing great. It’d be like betting the future of, well… most any game series Uwe Boll did a movie of on the success of Uwe Boll’s movie adaption of it. To be fair? It looks… okay, sometimes great sometimes not. And the music isn’t too bad, and the last third of the opening starts to actually go somewhere and pick up before its smothered out.

… So I’m playing more Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Switch. It’s nice and comfy and enjoyable. And it’s, y’know… good. I will say DD on Netflix has me thinking of grabbing it cheap on Steam, but only because 1) The Game is better in literally all respects, and 2) I’ve platinumed it already elsewhere, but mods exist.


Mostly reading (a biography of Augustus), so not much gaming for me so far this week-end.