City of Heroes: Homecoming previews Page 6 content, preps for Halloween, and shares the cost of operations


We’ve got a whole lot of news pouring out of the Homecoming rogue servers for City of Heroes, so let’s dive right in.

  • First off, we’ve got a preview of Page 6 content, which will be introducing a new Sonic Manipulation secondary powerset for Blasters, a whole slew of endgame balance adjustments that will mostly focus on procs per minute and making more powersets a valid pick, a new story arc involving the Vahzilok and Freakshow, and a teaser for some new asymmetrical costume pieces. It’s looking like a whole lot of good stuff, basically.
  • Next up, Halloween is slowly arriving to the game with the addition of the Dr. Kane’s House of Horror Halloween event to the Shadow server and a Halloween makeover for Atlas Park in the game’s beta servers. That event, by the way, has seen an adjustment to rewards since the Bats Aura and the Costume Change Emote are already available to all characters.
  • Finally, the devs have offered a significantly detailed look at costs for the month, outlining infrastructure costs, external services costs, and more. What’s the most interesting here is that one eagle-eyed forumgoer noted that there were no details for lawyer payment, which brought up the question of whether talks with NCSoft had stalled out. A reply outlined that the lawyer tends to not bill for the “smaller bits of work” that have made up the bulk of the case so far, but also points out that “they are handling something a bit more substantial at the moment which likely will get billed.” Make of that what you will.
source: official forums (1,2, 3, 4), thanks to Yrys for the tip!

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Dug From The Earth

Im still often impressed at how much work has been put into the current game, compared to when it was run by a much larger, and profitable company.

Kinda says something about the industry.

You would think that when someone realizes “hey, we could make money off this” that things would become better, not worse… but thats often not the case.

Does not check email

Bah! Big Times Mmo companies do not pay bean counters to crunch numbers less than 9 digits long. This is all small time numbers for petty cash.

With that said…. I am read to send my monthly subscription to support this work when the time is right. I loved the game and nothing ever filled that hole – existing, new or spiritual successor.