Battle Bards Episode 178: The Division 2

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Washington D.C. has fallen to the plague, curiously well-armed agents are everywhere, and intriguing music floats. The Division 2 features a tense and action-packed synth score that distinguishes itself among online games — and is worth an investigation by the Battle Bards. Suit up, because today we’re going to the musical dark zone!

Battle Bards is the world’s first, best, and only MMO music podcast. Biweekly episodes alternate between examining a single MMO’s soundtrack and exploring music tracks revolving around a theme. MOP’s Justin co-hosts with bloggers Steff and Syl. The cast is available on iTunesGoogle PlayTuneInPocket CastsStitcher, and Player.FM.

Listen to Episode 178: The Division 2 (or download it) now:

Episode 178 show notes

  • Intro (feat. “The Beginning is the End,” “Rocket Science,” and “Ballroom”)
  • “Prologue 2”
  • “Steps”
  • “Saint”
  • “Dock Wrecks”
  • “Keates”
  • “Hyena Hunt”
  • “Rooftops”
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Listener notes from Zinn
  • Jukebox picks: “Sanctuary 3” from Borderlands 3, “Ronda’s Diner” from Unforeseen Incidents, and “Bushroot” from Darkwing Duck NES
  • Outro (feat. “Junior”)

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Dug From The Earth

The music has always been one of the things that has drawn me into the world as I played Division 1, and play Division 2.

Most of the time, its not just filler background music. Its music that goes along with what you are doing in the game, without feeling out of place.

And huge thumbs up for Borderlands music. Jesper Kyd in specific, did an amazing job.