Dungeons and Dragons Online shares the leaderboards for its third season of Hardcore League


The race to the top of the Dungeons and Dragons Online Hardcore League that kicked off in June has ended, and now it’s time to congratulate the winners. Leaderboards have been posted that introduce players to the top earners of Favor and Reaper XP during the permadeath mode’s third season.

With the current season complete and the leaderboards closed, the event now moves to the Afterparty phase, which means that players of the mode can transfer their characters from the League server to a regular server if they wish. Participants have until Tuesday, November 3rd, to get this done, after which the mode’s servers will be closed and wiped.

sources: official site, official forums, cheers DDOCentral!

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I wonder when Hardcore League Season 4 will start? Probably early in 2021…