Black Desert confirms that it will be compatible with the PlayStation 5


Let’s face it, no one likes having to deal with the fact that the communities for every version of Black Desert are locked to individual platforms. But the game is facing an interesting conundrum as the next generation of consoles is rolling out, which prompts questions of what happens to PlayStation 4 owners and Xbox One owners when they upgrade. At least theoretically, because the developers have already answered what happens if you upgrade to a PlayStation 5: You just keep playing because the game will be fully compatible.

More even than that, if you have the same PlayStation ID for both consoles (and why would you not?) you’ll be able to just keep logging in normally. It’s doubtlessly good news that this means no additional cost or burden for players to continue on the new console. It’s already been announced that the game will also be playable on the Xbox Series X, so hopefully that should assure the console community that it’s fine to play now without worrying about future hardware.

Source: Twitter
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