LA Comic Con 2020 is finally cancelled

Wait, different LA.

Well, this qualifies as good news. Sure, we have absolutely zero doubt that some people will be sad to hear that LA Comic Con 2020 is officially not happening following California Governor Gavin Newsom declining to provide new guidance for large-scale public gatherings. But considering that the rationale behind declining to offering those guidelines is because it’s a terrible idea to have these gatherings in closed spaces right now, this is probably for the best.

You may recall that LA Comic Con was last in the news for still insisting that it was totally going to happen in December despite everything, thereby cementing its place on the “Weirdest Flex” list. At this time the event has announced no plans for any sort of virtual events, instead bumping everything to September 2021 and confirming that ticket holders for 2020 will automatically have their tickets moved unless refunds were requested. We’re sorry if you are disappointed by this cancellation, but we’re mostly happy about people not being packed into a haunted plague box.

Source: Variety
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