Mad World offers a quick peek at dungeon gameplay in a new video


It’s been quite a while since we heard something out of Jandisoft’s isometric MMO Mad World, which is a pretty frequent refrain we’re expressing when covering this title. The game first had plans to launch to Steam in 2018, then elected to host an alpha in 2019, and then was picked up by publisher Netmarble, which meant another delay.

Since then, we’ve gotten randomly timed sneak peek video previews, first in May of this year, and then in June and July. Now here we are in October and hey, look, here’s another video preview, this time with some footage from inside of a dungeon. The footage features a whole gaggle of player characters walking their way through desolate cavern-like areas and turning foes into paste. Party size appears to either five or six players, with encounters in dungeons providing plenty of foes to slaughter and bosses to take down.

The most recent statement from Jandisoft reads that the devs are still trying to meet a 2020 release. As for their general silence, a reply on the game’s forums back in October of last year explains that setting up arrangements with Netmarble is the cause for much of their silence, but when those ducks are lined up, the company will return to social media soon as well as move the game’s forums to forums run by Netmarble. There are otherwise no other official updates, even though fans are still checking in 2020.

source: YouTube via Reddit
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