Albion Online talks up a mid-season update, open beta for Google Play, and faction warfare improvements

Alternate title: News from the Robin Henkys Comfy Chair Show


Albion Online game director Robin Henkys is back once again from his comfy chair to deliver another development update, talking up some of the next updates the game is planning over the next few months.

First off, players can look forward to the mid-season update known as Brimstone and Mist that we reported earlier arriving on October 21st, which brings new mobs and traps in Corrupted Dungeons as well as a rebalancing of mobs and even more Corrupted Shard health in Slayer difficulty, more fishing spots, and adjustments to the Disarray zerg debuff and the Smart Cluster Queue.

Later in November, the mobile version of the game on Android will enter open beta on the Google Play store, which should make it easier for players on the Android platform to keep the mobile version up to date. And on the subject of keeping the Android version updated, there are changes coming that should keep file sizes smaller, while downloads will only feature changed content only for faster patching.

As for the future, Albion Online promises “new and massively improved” faction warfare and “exciting” changes to Hellgates, both of which will be topics elaborated on further once Brimstone and Mist releases. Until then, enjoy Robin “Picture of Coziness” Henkys’ address below, or just read through the summary instead. Ideally, from your own comfy chair.

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