Albion Online previews its midseason update with corrupted enemies, combat balance, and more fish


Dungeons in most video games are not a pleasant place to hang out, and Albion Online is no exception. So you can imagine that the Corrupted Dungeons are even less pleasant places to spend time within, stuffed full of corrupted enemies and vile traps. And they’re getting even more corrupted enemies with the game’s upcoming midseason patch, which adds in enemies like the corrupted heretics and the new Demonic Harbinger. Fun for the family!

Of course, that’s not all coming along with the update, with the midseason patch rolling out fishing to the Roads of Avalon and providing three new fish types to catch. There’s also a new set of combat balance tweaks, including changes to make huge rushes of players less advantageous even as it is still possible. Check out the full preview of changes on the official site; the patch is scheduled for October 21st, so you don’t have to wait long before you enjoy it.

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