Final Fantasy XI starts a new series of winter campaigns on November 11

They're big, you see.

Winter is coming in Final Fantasy XI. Wait, sorry, that’s not quite right; winter is coming in the real world, and that’s being reflected with the new winter campaigns FFXI is kicking off on November 11th. This starts with the time-honored tradition of increasing the drop rate for seals and crests, as well as adding new spoils to the battlefields started with seals and crests. They’re familiar improvements, but they’re still good ones.

Of course, there’s more coming to it. Abyssea adds in stronger light to several auras, Reisenjima monsters will award extra gear off of their drop lists, and Mog Gardens will award more shining stars and offer more items washing ashore. There’s also the special gobbiedial exchange to take part in and more skill increases when either casting magic or fighting. It’s a lot of little boosts to make the game a bit more fun when November 11th rolls around, so check out the full rundown and make your November plans accordingly.


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