PSA: The online memorial for Meridian 59’s Brian Green is this afternoon

Meridian 59

It’s been a long year, so you’re entirely forgiven if you forgot that we lost Brian “Psychochild” Green this past summer. Green was the long-time caretaker of Meridian 59 and the creator of Storybricks, a tech that EverQuest Next wanted to use in its now-defunct project at one point.

While there was an online memorial for Green in Meridian 59 last August, his friends and family wanted to host a more accessible wake for anyone who wanted to attend. Said wake is happening on Zoom later today, so if you want to attend, you’ll want to drop the organizers a line to get the login information.

Zoom memorial for Brian Green / Psychochild will take place [today, October] 31 from 3-9pm. There’s no specific service, it’s just a casual time for people to wander in and out, share a pic/story, or drink to his memory. For a link, please reply to this thread or contact @ElonkaDunin.”

Source: Twitter
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