EverQuest II opens up pre-orders and beta for the Reign of Shadows expansion


The time for EverQuest II players to see each other on the dark side of the moon is night. Reign of Shadows, the latest expansion for the MMORPG, has officially begun taking pre-orders.

As ever, those who buy in at certain tiers will be getting a number of goodies, while everyone who pre-orders the expansion will also get the previous expansions as per usual and will buy in to the expansion’s beta, which is offering additional in-game rewards for questing, tradeskilling, or taking on Heroic content. Of course, beta players should also probably include feedback as well.

For those who don’t recall the expansion’s feature set when it was first announced, players can look forward to a variety of new things like playable Vah Shir, a massive revamp for AA that promises “every point has an impact on how your character plays,” additional prestige abilities, a guild level cap, and lots of group content. As for the lead-up to Reign of Shadows, our own MJ has streamed her experience in the current prelude event for your viewing pleasure.

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