WRUP: Transcript of pouring out an entire bottle of ketchup on a hamburger edition

Act I: The beginning.

Click. Whoosh. Squirt, squirt, squiiiiiiiiiiiiirt. Whoosh. Squirt! Squirt squirt squirt squirt. Whoosh. Squiiiiiiiiiiirt. Whoosh. Squirt, blorp. Whoosh.

Act II: The burping.

Squirt, blorp, whoosh. Squirt, blorp, whoosh. Blorp. Blorp blorp. Shake-a shake-a shake-a. Squirt, blorp, whoosh. Tap tap tap. Squirt, blorp, whoosh. Tap tap tap. Squirt, blorp, whoosh. Blorp, whoosh.

Act III: A brief interlude with Reginald.

Hey kids! It’s me, Reginald! Remember, don’t put ham in your sock drawer, don’t keep cans of soda in your armpits, and above all else, don’t tell the mail man that you read your neighbor’s mail! He could get really mad, and then you’d be in trouble! Buy my book.

Act IV: The dregs.

Unscrew, unscrew, unscrew. Blorp. Ting. Rattle, rattle, rattle. Screw, screw, screw. Click. Throwing sounds. Bump. Trash can noises. What Are You Playing.

Bonus question: What was the first place you were ever employed?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Oh man, it’s been an exciting week. Pokemon Go’s Go Beyond has been super satisfying. I haven’t been this happy with the game in ages, and even longer without my emergency anti-hype brakes kicking in (I am seeing issues, but I’ll save that for a column). Animal Crossing’s gonna get some love too, as the new toys are so numerous, you’re going to have to visit friends and set up trades. I’m hoping this’ll lead to some community’s getting a shot in the arm. I’ve already gotten all the puppies, and am working on robots now.

First job that wasn’t a family gig I couldn’t reject was actually for my Asheron’s Call Patron’s flower shop. Don’t worry, I wasn’t decorating, just menial tasks so she could focus on making the arrangements and dealing with most of the problem people, though I did get a few myself when I had to watch the shop.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Truthfully, I doubt I will play much. It’s awards weekend, people! So I’ll be working tons. If I get in playtime, it’ll be in City of Heroes for sure. It’s been perfect for little bursts of play the last few weeks.

I had a lot of jobs as a kid – I even had a paper route. I did a lot of babysitting and spent several summers waiting tables too. A couple of years I was a marching band instructor. (That was by far the most difficult one!)

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): It’s looking mostly like Dauntless this weekend as I try out the newest update for really reals, with a bit more Final Fantasy XIV RP and some fly time in Elite: Dangerous sprinkled in.

My very first job was at a Wendy’s (back when they were still playing that Hot Drinks training song). Fast food service is every bit as bad as advertised. Be nice to your food workers, folks.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): A bit of FFXIV and a spot of World of Warcraft, but largely I’m still kind of looking for something to get its hooks in me. Or, more accurately, I’m looking for a way to burn time before the patch on Tuesday for the former.

My first job ever was actually at a tiny grocery store on Martha’s Vineyard, a job for which I was way too young to be hired and probably should not have been doing. Ah, well.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I will almost certainly play Genshin Impact with a couple of my kids. And decorating for Christmas. Cookies might also happen.

Bonus: My first job was in the office at a company that makes street sweepers. I was 16. I was an inventory control clerk. It was mostly data entry in the end.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): Very little gaming for me this weekend. If anything I’ll play a little Albion Online on my phone. Life is getting in the way!

Bonus: Truck stop counter clerk. Did I eat the cheeseburger dogs rolling in the carousel? Of course! I mean I put them there. That was a delicious lunch!

Tyler Edwards (blog): I have way, way too much on my plate right now. I was playing a bit of Wolfenstein: Youngblood on Gamepass, and there’s still a whole bunch of other stuff I want to check there, and I want to play Twin Mirror soon, and I want to get into Wolcen’s big new update. Oh, and I have a Curse of Strahd game on Saturday.

Bonus question: Grocery clerk at Loblaws. Do they have Loblaws in the States?

Pierre, patron: I’m invested in Destiny 2 again and enjoying it: it’s confirmed, it’s my favorite FPS game. I didn’t have a lot of time to play anything else this week and my Life is Strange playthrough has been on standby, but I will probably play again this weekend. Finally, it’s not for this weekend but a little later, there’s a famous Polish RPG game launching next Thursday and I will probably play a lot of it. I’ll let you know next week.

Bonus question: My first employer was a very famous French military school, Ecole Polytechnique, higher education school corresponding to college level of education in the USA. During your time in this school, you’re in the military and you’re paid as a French military officer. What about you MOP readers??

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