Star Citizen deep-dives the $600 Perseus gunship and its ‘bespoke ammunition’


For players of Star Citizen who have questions about the in-development Perseus gunship but weren’t otherwise sated by the details shared in the last ISC video, then perhaps there are some answers in a recent dedicated Q&A post.

One of the first answers of note is the Perseus is currently only in the concept stages and has not entered any part of the ship production phase at this time. It also points out that the ballistic size 7 turrets will field bespoke ammunition that can change ammo types for flexibility and further notes that the ship’s cargo bay isn’t really meant to carry a Rover so much that it’s capable of doing so — it doesn’t have any sort of dedicated medbay or weapon racks and so isn’t really designed to be an explorer.

Speaking of its role, the ship’s weapons are meant to take on all large size ships, while it can get into trouble if it’s overwhelmed by smaller ordinance since its compliment of turrets is less than a Hammerhead, which is built specifically to take down attacking fighters. Finally, despite concept art seeming to depict as much, the Perseus isn’t really built for ramming; the alluded to image is of the ship flying past wreckage created by its weapons, not its fine Roman nose.

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