Atlas Rogues brings Nix and Aurora into its roster with its newest update


The nice part for Atlas Rogues is that it has a lot of the eponymous rogues to add into the game just based on fan expectation. The newest update, for example, adds both Aurora and Nix into the game’s overall roster, with Aurora sliding into the standard roster as well. That right there gives players new things to try out based on having a wider selection of abilities and talents to unleash on the battlefield.

That’s not to suggest the patch has nothing but the new characters, however; there’s also new talents for all three categories, new gear for individual Freelancers, and new mission types. So there’s plenty additional stuff for players to do as they explore the game even above and beyond playing with the new characters. The game may be a roguelite, but it’s clearly taking pains to avoid being rogue-light. Whether or not this makes up for other issues with the game will be in the eye of the beholder.

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