Torchlight III takes a moment to share some data-related bug stories from development


“This blog is for those who enjoy a good technical read and want a closer look at some of our internal development ‘war stories’,” leads the latest dev blog post from Torchlight III. So no, this particular post isn’t about anything coming for the multiplayer ARPG — that’s for the next post — but it does offer some insight into the game’s development, courtesy of lead programmer Guy Somberg.

Somberg offers up three specific bug fixing stories that involved “yak shaving” solutions, or in other words, solutions that appeared to be completely unrelated to the end goal. Tales of moving source code, errant music file names causing random problems, and a random localization bug are all talked about in both amusing and technical detail.

As for the next developer update, that promises to have more information about upcoming updates, ongoing issues, and other community feedback. Until then, the current post is an interesting read about how the devs at Echtra Games had to, as Somberg puts it, “grit [their] teeth and shave that yak.”


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Whatever they did (I don’t claim to understand what I just read), the game runs a helluva lot better since the latest update. So yay them!


The only significant defect I see in T3 development is the one where the suits abandoned a unique MMO opportunity for another bog standard Torchlight clicker experience. Blech.

To bad. I would sure have given it a shot as an MMO.