Skyforge shows off new mechanical exoskeletons for its deities


The last update of the year for Skyforge arrives today, and it brings with it the new exoskeleton… except it should more accurately be called a sexoskeleton because damn, that thing is sexy. Sure, you might think it’s kind of silly to cloak characters who are supposed to be literally deities in mechanical armor to enhance their abilities, but consider the following: Hush up, it looks cool and you get to build it from individual parts and it’s sexy power armor, don’t ruin this for everyone.

If you’re not completely sold on the exoskeleton already, of course, you can get the full rundown of the suit’s capabilities and a walkthrough of how to assemble the machine. You can also take part in an event to put that glorious mechanical suit through its paces starting today, with the rewards including all the parts you need to assemble your first exoskeleton and impress everyone in your sexy power armor. It’s so nice. You might need a few minutes alone with the armor, but since you’re wearing it, that’s easy. Also there are gameplay benefits, sure. The exoskeleton is its own reward.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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