Wizard101 talks up 2021 stat rebalancing and PvP changes, Pirate101 adds a free respec for subscribers


The producer of Wizard101 really likes the world of Karamelle. That’s part of the impression given by her recent producer’s letter, which talks up some of her favorite parts of the recently added world as well as some general plans for the game’s next year.

One of the major foci for 2021 will be stat rebalancing and PvP improvements, which were elaborated on in several dev blogs. The game’s producer specifically points out an explanation on why stat rebalancing is happening from one such blog, which points out that stats reached their practical limit and that school identity was being lost. Wiz101’s producer promises that these efforts are being made with an eye on the game’s future. The letter then asks for patience in regards to improving PvP, noting that things will likely be chaotic, messy, and frustrating as things are worked out. The hope is that both of these updates will be part of the beginning of the game’s Fifth Age.

Over on KingIsle’s other MMO Pirate101, there’s a new benefit for subscribers of the game: a free respec for characters and companions. Just in case you were among those still looking to support the game with money in spite of its wind down into maintenance mode.


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Note: I derped and made this reply to a *much* older article. D’oh.

It makes me sad that they abandoned Pirates101. I still remember when they first revealed the fortress that the Clockwork Armada was building, and saying “No, you’re nowhere near being able to stop Kane. There’s a ton of story we want to share before that can happen.” Then they went ages with no updates, and the next real story update was “Whoops, looks like you just defeated Kane! Grats, you win!”

Pirate101 has been in maintenance mode for *years* already. They weren’t even releasing new card packs for it. (Their slightly less heinous version of lockboxes, because they’re totally contained in the store. They don’t clog your inventory by dropping as loot and then trying to coerce you into buying keys. You just decide if you want to spend the money on random rewards, or not.)

I imagine right now the game is in sort of the same space as Champions Online. It exists, and it shares resources with the much more popular games. But it doesn’t take up too much of them, and since it shares a ton of architecture it’s not too much trouble to keep it around for the handful of people who still want to play it. And that handful is apparently floating it just enough money that it’s still barely making a profit, so there’s nothing to gain by taking it out behind the woodshed yet.