Wizard101 opens the world of Karamelle and a new story arc in its latest update


I’m going to be honest, the new world that’s been added to Wizard101 sounds absolutely delightful. The newest update has introduced the region of Karamelle, with places like the Gumdrop Forest, Sweetzburg, and the Rock Candy Mountains, and creatures like Honey Badgers and Chocolate Moose. We’re up to our eyeballs in candied whimsy here, folks.

The new region offers plenty for players to experience as the game’s newest story arc begins, promising “secrets and mysteries hidden within the seemingly cheery world,” as well as a level cap increase to 140, new school spells, and new gear and henchmen. In addition, the game’s latest update has improved PvP matchmaking, added new ways to earn badges and three new house categories in Castle Tours, introduced pet lending and hatchmaking changes, and rebalanced crit and block stats among other updates.

There’s plenty of new details for Wizard101 players to digest, so make sure to read the patch notes for all them. Also, check out the adorable trailer below.

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