Chronicles of Elyria clarifies art and comms as players vow their lawsuit will go forward


One of the biggest MMO stories from 2020 was surely the collapse of Soulbound Studios and its MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria, which at one point appeared dead in the water when it ran out of money and all staff were laid off. After angry crowdfunders began litigation efforts, Soulbound changed direction, with CEO Jeromy Walsh saying that the game was still in production after all, just under a volunteer staff.

Just before the new year, Walsh resurfaced with a new video for the game and more details on its cadence, its staff, and its communication, once again reiterating that work on the MMO continues and that it will indeed release. And now, this week the team posted to Kickstarter backers additional details; the studio touches on the planned new video episodes, changes to the production roadmap, and questions on the game’s discussion channels and art.

The art style for the game, Soulbound assures players, has not changed, and the team once again pointed out that some of its videos intentionally show low-quality graybox assets that shouldn’t be taken as the final product. The Discord is also still due to return as soon as the team has installed community teams and tools to manage it.

Over on the player-run Discord, however, backers are still pretty riled, and apparently, their class-action lawsuit is still proceeding “regardless of the state of the game.”

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