EVE Echoes lets players claim nullsec space and fly in larger fleets with the Indomitable update


Is that a war raging in your pants or is that EVE Echoes’ latest update on your phone? The Indomitable update to the mobile sandbox has the potential to make things very spicy as it now allows players to claim sections of nullsec space and bring together larger fleets. Basically, it’s setting the table for a possible World War Bee: Mobile Edition.

Specifically, Territorial Claim Units, Corporation Stations, and Citadels can now be built by corps in nullsec, letting players carve out their own pieces of digital space as they see fit, provided they can defend their claims. In addition, fleets can now be as large as 50 ships and alliances can now be as large as 30 corps. And should these large swaths of players come together for tea, EVE Echoes will now make use of Time Dilation (TiDi) features in order to mitigate server load.

The Indomitable update is just the first step in the promise of further features coming to EVE Echoes. According to game producer Su Wei, the devs are working on letting 500 pilots comfortably occupy one system at the same time as well as more corporation structures, new citadel skins, and increased resources in nullsec.

source: press release
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