Neverwinter starts testing its fey Sharandar expansion


The first big MMO expansion of the year is already underway, as Neverwinter began testing the three-part Sharandar expansion on the Mimic server. This will bring the game’s inhabitants to the same land as Dungeons and Dragons’ Fables of the Feywild did last year. Must be a Wizards of the Coast thing, eh?

While the first part of the storyline is available for testing, Cryptic hasn’t yet unlocked the new dungeon — The Vault of Stars — for players to investigate. This update should be heading to live servers on the PC in early February.

This module certainly does sound intriguing: “The fey crossing—a bridge of sorts, that connected Faerûn to the Feywild—has recently been severed, preventing passage. Travelers who had returned from Sharandar speak of a feeling of unease. Though the defeat of Malabog brought peace for a time, a new evil stirs. Reconnect with the Iliyanbruen envoys in Protector’s Enclave to find out how to restore the fey crossing, and assist in the adventures beyond.”

Source: Neverwinter
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