Neverwinter starts testing its fey Sharandar expansion

Neverwinter starts testing its fey Sharandar expansion

The first big MMO expansion of the year is already underway, as Neverwinter began testing the three-part Sharandar expansion on the Mimic server. This will bring the game’s inhabitants to the same land as Dungeons and Dragons’ Fables of the Feywild did last year. Must be a Wizards of the Coast thing, eh?

While the first part of the storyline is available for testing, Cryptic hasn’t yet unlocked the new dungeon — The Vault of Stars — for players to investigate. This update should be heading to live servers on the PC in early February.

This module certainly does sound intriguing: “The fey crossing—a bridge of sorts, that connected Faerûn to the Feywild—has recently been severed, preventing passage. Travelers who had returned from Sharandar speak of a feeling of unease. Though the defeat of Malabog brought peace for a time, a new evil stirs. Reconnect with the Iliyanbruen envoys in Protector’s Enclave to find out how to restore the fey crossing, and assist in the adventures beyond.”

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