Prosperous Universe explains the benefits to its Early Access world reset

Low, low, low.

When Prosperous Universe heads into early access, there’s a whole raft of resets incoming to bring the world back to its clean and unsullied state. But why, exactly? Well, the latest development blog explains a bit, and it’s not just about busting everyone down to zero for balance purposes. For example, there had been several ships in the game with hard-coded performance and stats, which didn’t really mesh well with later modular options now in the game. A reset allows these hard-coded starting ships to be cleaned up and replaced with more modular ships.

The change also permits trying new things like having off-world commodity exchanges, which is particularly relevant given how valuable access to commodity exchanges on starting planets can be. It’s potent enough that the team is purposely avoiding giving players the option of building new ones at this time simply to keep the commodity exchange hubs as valuable additions to the game world. Check out the full rundown on the official site.


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So, basically this company is selling an Alpha level product.

I guess if you enjoy that sort of thing, go for it.

Rob Hagaman

Hey, if Star citizen can do it for 7 years…