Conan Exiles has a ‘promising’ fix in testing that could finally end Xbox One player woes


The saga continues for Conan Exiles Xbox One fans. Another letter from director Scott Junior has fresh word on Funcom’s continuing battle against the survival sandbox’s memory issues on the platform, but this time the news sounds generally more hopeful.

Thanks to some new logging features included in crash reports that were added in December, the QA team has a new fix in testing that “shows some promising results.” The devs have been testing the new build over the past weekend and, if it holds, they should have the patch submitted by sometime this week.

On the subject of Xbox development for the game, the devs are also working on a version for the new Xbox Series X and S that should take advantage of each console’s additional CPU, GPU, and memory features. As for Xbox One owners, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.


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It would be better if they announced Isle of Siptah was coming with this patch as well instead of continuing to hold out on console players as usual.