Skyforge launches on Nintendo Switch today with time-limited cosmetics


The time has finally arrived forĀ Skyforge to venture onto a new console in the form of the Nintendo Switch. The game is live today on the platform, allowing everyone access to the game in semi-portable form as you take on the role of one of the game’s many immortal deities fighting to defend your planet. And yes, that means you can play on the go or docked with your television, whatever works best for you.

Fans are also being encouraged to try out the game with the time-honored tradition of promotional items, with the Cyber Warrior costume, Glowing God Eyes, Wings of Vows, Halo of Vows, and two separate tattoos all available by logging in and playing between now and March 5th. That’s a whole mess of free cosmetic stuff, so if you’re intrigued by the game and vulnerable to the siren song of free stuff, you’ll find this one hard to resist. We’ve got one of our own writers trying the game as well, so look forward to his impressions once he’s had some time to play.

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