Star Citizen plans a free fly event, a Lunar New Year event, and a vehicle team AMA this month

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With the month of February just beginning, fans and followers of Star Citizen will have plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks according to a recent post from CIG detailing a variety of events that are on the way.

First off, there will be an AMA with the Vehicle Experience Team running for an hour on February 10th. The AMA will be on the game’s official forums, with the related thread opening a half an hour before its scheduled start time of 12:00 p.m. EST.

There will be another free fly event running for two weeks between February 15th and February 25th. This one doesn’t appear to be part of any major in-game event so much as just two weeks of trying to entice new backers.

How does Star Citizen celebrate the Lunar New Year? With the Red Festival, which will involve players finding red envelopes hidden all over the game’s major hubs. Details on this event are expected soon.

Finally, the month of February will feature postmortems about Alpha 3.12 and the current XenoThreat dynamic event, and the post closes with a nod to a player-created rally racing event known as the Stanton 7 Racing League, which will be hosting its qualifying round on Saturday, February 27th. The event even has a slick trailer that we’ve embedded below.

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