Fractured Veil is a new open-world survival MMO – and it’s hunting for stress-testers


Here’s a new game on our radar thanks to a post the developer dropped on Reddit: It’s called Fractured Veil, and it’s flagged as an early access open-world survival MMO on Steam. Apparently, it’s been in development for five years already and expecting up to another two years for early access, though as a closed alpha offering it’s not technically available to the general public just yet.

“This isn’t a cash grab,” developer Paddle Creek Games says. “[W]e are and will be in this for the long haul to build one of the best survival games the community has ever seen.” Features are expected to include craftable items, hunting and harvesting systems, base building, resource gathering and refining, monuments, first- or third-person combat with NPCs and other players, co-op play, and a 64 km2 open-world map.

According to the dev post this week, the team is hunting for stress-test players to jump into events this afternoon (yes, today) at 4 p.m. EST and Friday at 6 p.m. EST, specifically so they can see how many real players their servers can handle. “We think we can get 150-200 players on a server right now, maybe more now that we moved to a new 5950x machine but we’ve never been able to get more than 40-50 people on at any given time,” the dev says. “It’s harder than organizing a WoW raid with Leeroy Jenkins I swear.” If you’re interested, drop them a note on Discord and you’ll snag a free Steam key for your trouble.

Source: Reddit, Steam

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John Mclain

Not sure about this one, most games like this end up as a complete and utter gankbox garbage. The only exception ever to this rule has been Valheim’s recent release. These games tend to be bare minimum effort by the devs to force players to make all the content, which ultimately always fails.

Dug From The Earth

this looks like what would happen is Rust and Conan were to have a child.