The Daily Grind: How do you think BlizzConline went?


Reactions around the MOP offices on Blizzard’s BlizzConline effort this past weekend were, I think it’s fair to say, mixed at best. Some folks were really unimpressed, some were excited and ready to plop down money for one thing or another (Diablo 2!), and most were somewhere in the middle. I personally haven’t been super thrilled about any of gaming’s online events this past year, but I’m also not going to hold it against any of the studios still valiantly trying to make a go of shows in a safe way during the pandemic. (There are way too many industries behaving unsafely right now and putting people at risk over entertainment, and gaming is not one of them – so far be it from me to complain.)

At the same time, BlizzCon has definitely seen better days, and that was more than just not having that hyped-up live audience: Between the self-inflicted wound of the WoW leak Thursday and the fact that the company’s pipeline is just not ready yet, it was a little on the meh side for me. I fully expect the show to see better days again, but WoW was the prize boat for this show, and I wonder whether too much of the wind was taken out of its sails by the leak.

How do you think BlizzConline went? What were the highs and lows for you?

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