The Daily Grind: Did you jump back into WoW Classic after the Burning Crusade announcement?


I had a strong suspicion that the long-awaited announcement that, yes, Blizzard was going to be rolling out Burning Crusade Classic would be a shot in the arm for WoW Classic as a whole. To satisfy my curiosity, over the BlizzConline weekend, I made a new Tauren Druid to check out the newbie lands and see what’s what. Indeed, there was a whole new wave of excited newbies chattering about TBC and racing to get to level 60.

They’re probably not alone, are they? Big announcements usually spur big action, so I also suspect that many of our readers found themselves logging into WoW Classic, either to start fresh or pick up an abandoned character. Was that you? Or did this not lure you whatsoever?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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No. I am however interested in Lich King Classic when it finally shows up. As I consider that to be the height of WOW. After that we started going in the wrong direction IMO.

Malcolm Swoboda

No. Just not in the cards for me atm. Might revisit the idea months from now!

Anthony Clark

Yeah. Can’t pick a class though.

Hirku Two

No, I tried Classic when it launched and didn’t like it. If I come back to WoW it’ll be to retail for the new leveling experience. I’d like to level my monk entirely in the Pandaria expansion.

Danny Smith

No but i have no interest in burning crusade classic. Vanilla was a nice look at something totally removed from the retail game but bc wasn’t removed, just left behind. I can go look anytime i want without having to redo all the grinds and keys and such.

I got my netherwing and sporeggar rep grind done once, never again.


Just recently started leveling through Shadowlands actually so still working on that. But when the BC pre-patch comes out I’ll start leveling my BE Pally and recreate my Retail main. <3


No, I already played enough WoW Classic back when it released to remember how tedious and time-consuming everything was in this version of game and how extremely annoying it was to read global chat with all the “looking for group to do x” spam.

Axetwin .

No. I’ll only try WoW Classic when WotLK drops.

Dug From The Earth

This is my mindset.

While I enjoyed the new zones to quest through, I really wasnt a fan of BC’s end game because I wasnt a raider. I already did the netherdrake grind, and the grind to get the netherray mount in terrokar. (both which were ugh…). I also got the raven mount after farming that druid only summon boss. Those were the things that kept me around past reaching max level, and ill be damned if I do it all again.

Plus, I cant remember what quality of life things BC brought over vanilla, and im a sucker for QoL improvements.


Yea…I actually will be subbing and will start leveling a character probably in the next few days. WoW Classic appealed to me when it launched, but I’ve been more devoted to another MMO and I first played WoW in the middle of TBC, so there’s some appeal there. I always felt that TBC was a nice mix of some good adjustments to end game and class balance compared to the original WoW launch without a lot of the big changes that they made later on that killed the difficulty of leveling and other things that made WoW enjoyable in the first place.

It’ll still be a secondary MMO for me and will take the back burner to GW2, but I’m looking forward to dipping my toes in once again.

Sarah Cushaway

Nope. Blizzard isn’t getting another red cent from me.