Goblin Life links Minecraft-like worlds together


Goblins are sick and tired of being your low-level loot fodder, do you hear? They’ve got lives of their own — including dreams, passions, and tech college degrees. And now they’ve got their very own realm that will spread far and wide with the help of goblin allies.

Goblin Life is a Minecraft-like title that’s coming to Steam next month with more cel shading and less pixel art. From what we can suss out here, players create their own unique realm that can be linked with others to form a sprawling landscape.

Within an individual’s realm exists goblins that need to be nurtured: “The Goblins are social creatures and need constant help from their friends. You can care for them to increase their fondness of you and take them on grand adventures!”

You can actually jump into Goblin Life right now on the official site and start your goblin empire.

Source: Steam

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