Final Fantasy enters the battle royale genre with Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier in 2021


To say that Square Enix is late to the battle royale party might be something of an understatement considering the genre’s juggernauts, but then again the company does have the Final Fantasy IP associated with it — an IP with characters that have surprisingly not been rammed into Fortnite yet. This is all a build-up to the reveal of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, a battle royale title coming to iOS and Android devices.

The First Soldier will see players as part of the eponymous SOLDIER program headed by the Shinra Corporation of FFVII’s fiction. Players will duke it out in battle royale shooting gameplay that looks extremely familiar, but will also include some unique FF tropes such as the casting of spells, the summoning of creatures like Ifrit, and the use of melee weapons and attacks in a battle system that appears to be pulled from the Final Fantasy VII Remake. A reveal trailer also shows some fights against classic monsters, which seems to indicate the title will be PvPvE.

The First Soldier is one of several reveals that Square Enix recently made that milks the long-suffering seventh addition to the RPG series, including Final Fantasy: Ever Crisis, a mobile single-player RPG that condenses all of the FFVII story into one game, and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, a PS5-exclusive side story for FFVIIR. As for the battle royale game, that’s expected to release sometime this year as a free-to-play title. You can check out the game in action in the trailer below.


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Shadex De'Marr

Also soon to release an IP based battle royale game is the developer of Words with Friends because sure why not.

Vanquesse V

Not sure how big the cross section of BR and FFVII fans is? I feel like an iteration on 15’s comrades dlc would have made way more sense.


I think when it comes to FF series they should stick with rpgs.
Becuse we all know how great Dissidia Final Fantasy NT or Final Fantasy: All The Bravest.

Im not kidding im part of a RPG community with at least a few 1000 of rpgs lovers or well they love games in general but the focus is RPG and all of us loves the FF franchise but when we speak about shitty FF games does 2 are not popular even FF13 gets more love than any of these games heck even brave exvius is not that loved.

But I will say a battle royal game could go home if made well and I can understand choosing mobile becuse cheap to develop and they could just reskin a cheap chines Battle royal game. Also they are smart making it mobile they can have it full of microtransaction so they can milk all the gambling addicted phones gamers. So it´s a win win for Square.

But yeah the past few years and squares decisions is the reason why I hate them and don´t plan to buy anymore main lines games becuse well 13.13-2 and 15 has just been mediocre games at best all their latest spin offs have been shitty phone games or a mediocre fighting game.

I remember way back when we got good spin offs like FF tactics or Chocobo dungeon.

But eh Screw Suqare enix.


I don’t think them trying out new styles while using their IP for the basis is a bad thing. Plus, i would imagine they’re not looking for you and the 1000 other rpg lovers you mentioned but BR fans with it’s mobile.

Same with the other games you mentioned , even though I’m sure they hope their RPG fans might be engaged by the other games they making using the IP, I would imagine it’s more for the sake of the crossover players ie: fighting game players to get into their franchise since they may usually not have.

Mobile games are huge in Japan and probably make them more money than their mainline games do at this point too, so…

I do wish they’d make more tactics games though..I haven’t cared about a FF game in a good long while either unfortunately.


yeah that´s true but it just feels like they take their loved franchise and add shovelware to the list of FF games making it the series more of a joke that´s how it feels.

But yeah your right they want to get BR fans to play their games but maybe a proper BR game that is maybe rely good and released on console and pc would great as well but then again they can´t makes does games full of loot boxes or as they kindly call it in japan Gasha/Gacha pon.

Yeah more Tatcis games would be nice but it´s like they gave up on that series which is a shame but well it proboly did not make them millions.


Odd choice, buts its mobile so… eh, who cares. No interest in the ‘Battle Royale’ genre as a whole, and thankfully it is set far enough back that there shouldn’t be any ‘necessary’ loredrop for mainline games.

Ever Crisis though? That one hurts me… I’m the odd sort who enjoyed all of the Compilation of FF7 material (released outside of Japan at least), so an all-in-one collection? Love it! Mobile? I kind of hate it… But even if it might not get a release outside of Mobile/IOS I’m still going to play it. Its battle system (for OG FF7 at least) looks like its borrowing from Final Fantasy 13 with its active turn/cost mechanics for actions and I’m more than okay with that. But I’m more curious how they’ll handle the Compilation material. Crisis Core is an odd-duck action RPG relying on a constantly rolling slots system for level gains, materia upgrades, and occasion limit breaks/summons. Dirge of Cerberus is an Action-RPG shooter with some fun customization but… painfully awkward gameplay. And…

Advent Children is a bloody movie. At least we’ll get a proper way to finally play Before Crisis.

Oh, and all the tasty music.

Kickstarter Donor

I really hope they’ll port Ever Crisis over to Switch or something, the way they did with FFXV Pocket Edition. PC would be perfect, but I’m pretty sure the only FF mobile game they ported to PC was Mobius, even though Dissidia would be a great fit there too. There’s no way this won’t be a success, considering that it’s basically the way people expected an FF7 remake to look when they first started asking for it. Pretty excited to get my hands on it.


An ill fit for the IP, but who can blame them for trying.