ArcheAge opens a new server and launches Garden of the Gods for Southeast Asian players


While ArcheAge’s fortunes — and its servers — continue to dwindle on our side of the globe (and Gamigo has been on an MMO killing spree), the game continues to chug along overseas. In the relatively new Southeast Asian region – still under the stewardship of XLGAMES – players can apparently enjoy a newly opened server as well as play the Garden of the Gods expansion (which released here last year) on its two existing servers.

This past Thursday saw the Gene server open for Asian territory players, which was celebrated with gifts to help players arriving to the server level up their characters. Meanwhile, on the Nui and Tahyang servers, the Garden of the Gods expansion was released, bringing the world of Auroria and its various content updates to players. The Gene server, meanwhile, has the Hiram expansion content to dive in to, including the ability to create Dwarf and Warborn characters.

source: press release

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