DC Universe Online rolls out its second Survival Mode season and its St. Patrick’s Day event

Not offline.

Sometimes you just want to run a gauntlet. DC Universe Online is letting you do precisely that with the game’s second season of Survival Mode, with players taking on 30 waves of increasingly difficult challenges to earn currency, materials, and of course the ever-inimitable bragging rights. This four-player gauntlet will test the abilities of players to make it through the combat, but when victory can earn you new styles, auras, and base items, isn’t that ultimately worth it?

Meanwhile, Mr. Mxyzptlk’s mischievous marauders make Metropolis mainly moribund in the game’s newest St. Patrick’s Day event running until March 24th. That means seasonal styles including fun orbiting gold coins and the sort of seasonal decor for your costumes that should make even the most ardent fan of shamrocks ask you to tone it down, so of course you need to get in on that, too. Solve problems and get new dress-up options; that’s the real way that superheroes work.


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