Blade and Soul adds a new dungeon, new raid weapon, and renewed Soulstone Plains on March 17


While a lot of focus has understandably been about Blade and Soul’s upgrade to Unreal Engine 4, that doesn’t mean there won’t be updates in between now and then. To wit, the Slithering Shadows update on Wednesday, March 17th, will be introducing some new things for players to do.

The update’s main party piece is the Twisted Serpent Stronghold, a 12-player raid dungeon for level 60/Hongmoon level 24 characters that tasks players with discovering the secrets of a great conflict that could divide the bonds between the New Masters, as well as a new Shadow Fury Weapon raid weapon that can be achieved by getting upgrade materials from the Twisted Serpent boss.

In addition, the Soulstone Plains is getting a renewal, allowing PvP players to collect Warring Faction Tokens via completing quests or defeating opposing Faction NPCs. These Tokens can be spent with the Prestige Merchant who has new rewards to offer.

Finally, the update introduces a couple of events, namely the return of the Call to Arms event and a Cherry Blossom Treasure Trove event. More details about this update are expected in the coming days.


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