RuneScape announces an upcoming picture book to mark the MMORPG’s 20-year history


When you have a game that’s been running for 20 years, there’s bound to be a whole lot of artwork to share. That’s just what Jagex intends to do when it releases a new picture book with Dark Horse that chronicles the history of RuneScape in pictures and developer insights.

The book, RuneScape: The First 20 Years — An Illustrated History, is set to be published on Tuesday, October 5th, and promises to share exclusive interviews with the game’s devs and designers along with hundreds of full-color illustrations from both RuneScape and OSRS.

The book’s standard edition will arrive to bookstores, comic shops, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, while a pricey collector’s edition exclusive to the game’s merch store will add on a special variant cover, card slipcase, hard backed folio containing art prints, gold edged pages, and a page marker. Those who are eager for a physical piece of this game’s history can pre-order now if they wish (those links are not affiliate links, mind you!).

source: press release

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Pheeb Hello

Funny I remember this game being F2P back in the day. It was the MMO people played who couldn’t afford SOE MMOs. Then WoW came out and suddenly everyone who wouldn’t pay a sub, did….