World of Warcraft increases Brazil and Russia sub prices, defends Classic drums changes

Different kitty.

If you’re a World of Warcraft player in Russia or Brazil, you have our sympathies when you look at your bill next month. Blizzard announced that it’s had to roll out significant price increases for both regions.

According to Wowhead, Brazil players will see (for example) a one-month subscription go up by nearly 25%, while Russian players are going to get slapped with an 18% increase. It should also be noted that the studio is decreasing the cost of various services, like character transfers and race changes, in those regions as well.

The new pricing goes into effect on April 26th.

In regards to it’s handling of those controversial drums for the in-testing Burning Crusade Classic, Blizzard defended its approach on the forums: “Players in 2007 felt that the early versions of the drums were not really worth using. They had a cast time and a very small radius. Our intent in restoring that older version of the drums for the first three phases of Burning Crusade Classic content is to approximate the evolution of professions through the early patches of original Burning Crusade.”

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