Former Anthem director Jonathan Warner ejects from BioWare

That's not good, no.

Players aren’t the only ones leaving in droves after BioWare effectively killed the future of its multiplayer sci-fi title Anthem. Perhaps after putting on a jetpack of his own, former Anthem Director Jonathan Warner announced on March 26th that he was leaving the studio “for new things” but said that the Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Star Wars: The Old Republic franchises “are in good hands.”

Warner had been with BioWare for 10 years, most recently as its chief of staff. Before his work on Anthem, Warner was instrumental in the development of Mass Effect 3.

Another one of Anthem’s directors, Christian Dailey, moved over to the Dragon Age team back in December 2020. The studio also saw the loss of Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah late last year.

Source: Twitter via VG247

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Why would you even bother saying that they are all in good hands, it seems so disingenuous. Just quietly leave and carry on.