Project Gorgon brings out its Attack of the World Bosses event with new signposts and fewer adds

Gonna go fight a boss.

Eager to go fight some world bosses inĀ Project Gorgon? The Attack of the World Bosses event is kind of the time to do that, with players tasked with running around and killing a quintet of bosses spawning across the game world. But the latest version of the event has some changes, starting with boss respawn timers increasing to six hours instead of four and various boss-related adds only spawning five minutes before the boss does (it used to be an hour beforehand).

Players will also see new signposts around the boss arena that broadcast warnings and also serve as anchors for Fairy players to respawn directly instead of in the Fae Realm when they die. The effect persists very shortly after the boss dies, so Fairy players are advised to respawn quickly so as to remain anchored in place when returning. They’re small changes, but hopefully they’ll make hunting some world bosses feel more rewarding this time around.


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