Lord of the Rings Online rings in its 14th anniversary


It was 14 years ago that the shadowy forces of evil in Middle-earth faced an incoming horde of intrepid adventurers who were dedicated to fighting for the Free Peoples. And every year since Lord of the Rings Online’s launch, the MMO has marked its anniversary with gifts and a festival.

The 14th anniversary celebration is now live in the game, with this year’s free gifts including sun hats and a willow fireworks launcher. The festival itself is scheduled to run through May 11th and includes a whole bunch of activities that can net you tokens for rewards.

As usual, fan site Fibro Jedi has an excellent anniversary guide up for you to follow — and to check out the brand-new cosmetics and rewards that were added with this year’s event. The new stuff includes war-steed cosmetics, fancy armor cosmetics, a fat cat, and lit torches that can be carried around. The torches, a long-requested item, are consumables that can be purchased in stacks and last a while while used.


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Good memories


It was not the smoothest journey but we came a long way…

The Road goes ever on and on…

Happy 14th Birthday LOTRO !

Kickstarter Donor

Congratulations LOTRO, you beautiful mess. For all the issues, I’ll never not love this game. It’s something special, especially the way it brings Middle Earth to life.


Congrats LotRO! Farming and cooking in the Shire with my Hobbit Minstrel, smoking some pipe-weed are some of the most joyfully relaxing moments I’ve ever had in a game. Battling the Lieutenant of Barad Guldur as a LM was certainly some of the more stressful moments. That’s the sign of a great game.